Compact & Portable

The Chatiz Power Bag is capable of satisfying the demanding needs of camp trailers to home appliances for days at a time. This solar generator is as versatile as it is powerful, yet still only weighs 9 Kg.

For the ultimate in emergency power or camping luxury without the hassles of traditional fuel powered generators, the Chatiz Power bag is second to none.

  • LIGHTEST and MOST COMPACT portable gas generator alternative in its class. The Chatiz Power Bag weighs only 9 kg, over 35 percent lighter than comparable competitors. Exactly half the total size of any leading competitor for easy storage and transport.

What are the existing solutions and their shortfalls? What are the associated costs of them?

Tesla Power wall
Too heavy > 251lbs=114kg
Not Portable
Too expensive for 5kW continuous power
Complex and need installation
What's included?
2 Powerwalls for 5kW continuous + Supporting hardware + 2000w solar panels + Installation cost = 25,000$
Off-grid solar systems
Too heavy
Not Portable
Too Expensive for 5KW continuous power
Complex and need installation
What's included?
1kw of Solar panels + AC & DC Protection Box + Inverter + Charge Controller + 12kwh Battery packs + installation cost = 12,000$
Gas or diesel generators
2000€ with 5475€ fuel cost per year
Heavy about 144lbs = 65kg
Not Portable
Requires fuel > 7.2 hours > 3.4Gal = 12.87 Liter 12.87*1.17€(Gasoline price per liter) = 15€ per day 15€*365 (number of days In a year)= 5475€
Requires changing spark plugs and oil, and cleaning combustion chambers and fuel lines.
Gasoline or diesel storage necessary for operation, resulting in toxic fumes and noise hazard
Portable solar generators
2300$ to 3400$
Not safe to ship worldwide because of batteries
Can be used for emergencies and for low load applications up to 500 watts.
This device cannot be used for high load devices such as a 2000 Watts device.
Too expensive for 500 watts
The solar panels are not portable
500 watts of energy for one hour > Charging time 4 to 20 hours
What's included?
500 watts solar generator + 500 watts of solar panel + solar cable + LED light bulb
Chatiz Power Bag
Llightweight & Portable > 9 kg solar generator + 8 kg foldable solar panels
Simple & Easy to use > No installation required. Just spread the solar panels, connect the cables, turn the device on and start using it.
We can ship it worldwide because we are not using batteries in the device, instead of that we are using ultracapacitors.
Affordable Price > 4000€ with 12kw battery packs
Powerful & Efficient > Up to 3kw continuous power
Small & Compact > 40 * 20 * 30 CM
Safe & Reliable > No shock hazard > No need for protection box
500 watts of energy without battery as long as the sun is there (6 to 8 hours per day) > charging time 2 minutes
For high load applications up to 3 kWh, it can be parallel with some battery packs.
What's included
solar generator + 600 watts of solar panel + solar cable + Battery cable and connector + LED light bulb